Our Restaurant and Bar

OPENING TIME: 08:00-23:00pm

THE SIMPLE THINGS- In Casino Royale, James Bond’s dinner companion asks of him, “Isn’t it shameless to be so certain and so expensive?” This after ordering caviar, rognos de veau, pommes soufflées and fraises des bois. “It’s a virtue,”says the high living spy, “and anyway, it’s good plain wholesome food.” We agree fully with Bond; the best and most luxurious things in life are the pure and simple things. Bon Appetit!

Our Services

Spa and Local interest Tours

Spa Club Mud

Spa provides Massage, Scrubs, Wraps, Mud baths, Hydrotherapy, beauty and well being treatments

Local Tours- personalized

Day trips to Goas historical churches.temples, ancient culture, Latin quarters, water sports, Scuba diving, Island and up river boat trips, bird watching sanctuaries, wild life reserves, local colourful traditional festas , markets and of course the best of Goas night life

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